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The Wylde Family

The Wylde family was a large extended family, probably descended from Richard and Simon Wylde of the Ford, Dodderhill, first recorded in the Lay Subsidy Roll of 1524.

A son of Simon, John, gave rise to the Upton Warren branch of the family who lived at the Durrance. Simon’s sons, William and Richard continued the family line at the Ford in Dodderhill.

One branch of the family descended from Simon’s son, Thomas, a clothier who rented the Commandary, Worcester, in 1545. His son, George, lived at the Herriots, in Droitwich, and owned land and property in Dodderhill. He studied at the Inner Temple and became a lawyer and Sergeant at Law. He is represented on a fine tomb in St Peter’s church, Droitwich.

George’s son, John, was born in 1590. He matriculated from Balliol College, Oxford at 14 and graduated with a BA in 1607 and an MA in 1610. He was a student at the Inner Temple and called to the bar in 1612. John served Droitwich as an MP between 1620 and 1629 and from March to May in 1640. He became a bencher in 1628 and was created a Sergeant at Law, like his father, in 1636. John became deeply involved in the parliamentary action as the conflict between King Charles and Parliament grew. On the outbreak of the civil war he subscribed two horses and their maintenance for the defence of Parliament. In May 1642 he was allowed to buy arms for his own use, formerly belonging to the recusant Lord Windsor of Hewell Grange. In the same year John was appointed deputy Lieutenant of Worcestershire.

At John’s suggestion the new Parliament of 1643 ordered a new Great Seal to replace the one Edward Lord Lyttleton had taken to the King. John became an assize judge and in 1646 was created Chief Baron of the Exchequer. However Oliver Cromwell took a dislike to him and he replaced in 1653. He seems to have retired to Worcestershire where he took part in local affairs as a JP. He represented Droitwich in the Parliament of Richard Cromwell but on the return of the Monarch he retired to his houses in Hampstead and Dodderhill. His name is on the Hearth Tax list for Dodderhill as a householder, with 7 hearths. After John died in 1669 it was reported that he was ‘learned in his profession’ but that his speeches were ‘tiresome’.

John Wylde of Astwood Manor was related to the Wyldes of the Ford. His son, Thomas, married Ann Bearcroft of Hanbury in 1607. They had a son, another John (born 1608), who died in 1683 and left us a will and inventory which gives an interesting insight into his house and its contents. When his grandson, another John, inherited his grandfather’s land he employed Joseph Dougharty of Worcester to survey and map his estate. At that time the lands and house were in the holding of Thomas Guise as John Wylde was living with his family in Belbroughton. The farm was sold by the Reverend John Wylde in the 1790s and the family connection with Dodderhill was finally severed.

Find the Inventory of John Wylde of Astwood Manor who died 1683

Wylde Family Crest

The Wylde Family Crest

George Wylde Memorial of 1616

The George Wylde Memorial 1616, in St Peter’s Church, Droitwich Spa

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