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John Corbett his final years 1888 - 1901

John continued to live at Impney, eventually selling his Salt Works at Stoke Prior to the Salt Union in 1888 for £600,000. In 1893 his youngest brother Thomas, a doctor in Kingston upon Thames, retired and moved to Droitwich as his personal physician and companion. He had his own house in Droitwich while John continued to live at Impney with Mrs Dungey his Housekeeper and a domestic staff.  He was becoming increasingly frail and in 1901, after a Saturday afternoon drive around the Estate, returned to his bedroom where he suffered a brain haemorrhage.  He died two days later on Monday 22 April with his daughter Mary, brother Thomas and Ann Dungey at his bedside.

From Tuesday,23 April until the following Saturday, the day of the funeral, flags were flown at half mast on all churches and public buildings throughout the Droitwich area.  He was buried at St. Michael’s Church, Stoke Prior. 

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