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George Lashwood

George Lashwood was a comedian and music hall singer who achieved great popularity, firstly with patriotic songs during the First World War and then with lighter songs. He wore different costumes to suit his songs, and also appeared in pantomime. He made many recordings from 1898 onwards and some of his songs are available now on the internet and on CDs.

He was described as handsome and distinguished and always dressed in the height of fashion, and was known as ‘the Beau Brummel of the Halls’ [referring to a famously well-dressed leader of fashion in the Regency period of English history]. His popularity extended to America where he first performed at the Plaza Music Hall in New York in December 1909.

George was the son of a Birmingham builder, and lived at Elm Court in Wychbold. He married (as his second wife) a chorus girl named Edith Fink. In 1929 he had Brummel Court, next to Elm Court, built as an investment and he also had a large house built at Bransford, Worcester, for his daughter.

George left £132,000 on his death, made from astute property deals. He is buried in the churchyard of St Mary de Wyche although his grave is not named.

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Elm Court

Brummel Court

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