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Wood Working

As a parish with large areas of woodland, carpenters and coopers were never short of materials to work with. Carpenters, like blacksmiths, are found throughout the history of the parish. Carpenters not only made and repaired furniture but also built in wood, both buildings and vehicles. Two members of the Jewe family were carpenters, John (1611) who owned axes, hatchets and augers, and his namesake (1656) who lived in Pipers Hill.

In the 1830s Thomas Dalloe worked as a wheelwright in Wychbold. Wheelwrights were very skilled and not only made wheels but also made and repaired carts and wagons.

In the days before cardboard the cooper was in great demand to produce casks for storing goods of all sorts. He also made buckets and tubs and repaired them for the folk of Dodderhill. The only cooper who left a will and inventory was Nicholas Lilly of Pipers Hill, who died in 1730. He had timber at Webb’s Farm worth £7 and timber for trade and his cooper’s tools.

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